Que son los sindromes imagen

What are they?

  • Set of rare diseases.

  • A group of rare vascular conditions caused by the compression of blood vessels or organs in different locations that reduce venous return, impeding the affected organs to function properly.

  • The blood vessels are blocked by other vessels or structures, which causes a limited circulation of blood to a body part. The compression of a given structure by veins or arteries may also take place, such as in the Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome (SMAS), where two arteries compress the duodenum.

¿Qué producen?

These conditions cause a variety of symptoms and affect various organs.
  • Pain


  • Vomiting


  • Constipation

    Urological problems

  • Weight loss

    Blurred vision

  • Dizziness


  • Shortness of breath

    Neurological symptoms

Que producen
  • Patients impacted by these symptoms suffer from many daily restrictions, such as the inability or difficulty to eat, sit, or stand.
  • It is common for symptoms to evolve over many years until a diagnosis is made, given the lack of knowledge of these diseases.
  • Patients may suffer from one or more syndromes at a time, giving rise to very diverse clinical presentations and a wide range of symptoms.
  • These conditions are more prevalent in women and often appear in adolescence or young adulthood. It is also common for these diseases to worsen after pregnancy.


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