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About Us
  • We are a non-profit association made up of patients and their families who have encountered the need to gather and work voluntarily to raise awareness of our conditions.
  • We want to help all the people who are in this maze of compression syndromes and simultaneously claim a medical and social treatment comparable to the one that patients from common diseases receive.
  • We registered as AESCOV or the Spanish Association of Vascular Compression Syndromes in the summer of 2023, when this project first started.
  • Our scope of action is national and aims to bring together patients and families who are interested in joining this association.
  • We work on a volunteer and assembly basis, and we are open to all types of collaboration.
  • Following the motto ‘unity is strength’, we aim to promote informed participation.
  • We hope you find this website helpful, and that it provides you with the answers you are looking for. If not, please Contact us.
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Yolanda Arruabarrena
President - Navarra
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Mercedes Vilaseco
Vice President - Cádiz
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Marta Hermosilla
Secretary - Cádiz
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Lucía García
Treasurer - Ávila
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Ruth Perales
Board Member - Valencia
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Ainhoa Prieto
Board Member - León
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Olga Trigueros
Board Member - Valladolid
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Cristina Irene Sánchez
Board Member - Barcelona
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Katia Yago
Board Member - Barcelona
Imagen miembro asociación
Teresa Carmona
Board Member - Granada
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Selene Medina
Board Member - Palencia
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Sandra Antepazo
Board Member - Pontevedra
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Medical Goals

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Achieve early diagnoses.

Fines medicos

Create care units in the public health system.

Fines medicos

Patient treatment in compliance with the national law.

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Promote training in these conditions among physicians and other healthcare professionals

Fines medicos

Encourage research and international collaboration among medical workers.

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Disability acknowledgement.

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Social Goals

  • Raise awareness of vascular compression syndromes in the social framework.

  • Support patients and relatives and promote engagement between them.

  • Provide testimonials and experiences.

  • Create awareness of our conditions among the pertinent health courts, given their disabling nature.

  • Assist in the processes of incapacity for work, disability, and dependency to ensure a fair assessment, considering that many patients haven’t been able and will not be eligible to access the labor market due to their young age and/or the severity of their pathologies.

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