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"Together we will face the unknown."

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Who we are

The Spanish Association of Vascular Compression Syndromes (AESCOV) consists of relatives and patients affected by these rare diseases. Our mission is to create a space that serves as a place for exchange and coexistence among those involved.

With this website we want to share information and become a gathering point for all people interested in these syndromes and their implications, thus providing a small ray of light in the middle of so much darkness.

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AESCOV originates from the strength and enthusiasm of patients and families who live in a maze of uncertainty due to the lack of knowledge about these conditions. Patients who have suffered abandonment and misunderstanding by the medical community and in their social environment, who want to facilitate the journey of those affected and prevent them from facing the same challenges.

The purpose of AESCOV is to guide, support, and advise those affected. Furthermore, it promotes visibility and awareness about the public and social health problems that arise from rare diseases.