The blood that returns to the heart from the lower half of the body has a lot of difficulty circulating through the narrowed vessels previously described (renal vein and/or left iliac vein compression).

This results in varicose veins in the pelvis as collateral drainage pathways, causing blood to pool within the veins, which is known as Pelvic Congestion Syndrome. The chronically dilated veins become visible as zigzag vascular tubes causing pain within the vein walls and in the congested organs. The organs in the pelvis are usually affected, as well as their proper functioning.

congestión pélvica

Frequent symptoms

  • Abdominal pain (usually on the left side)

    Abdominal swelling

  • Severe pain in the pelvic area (between the pubic bone and the navel)

    Severe menstrual pain

  • Heavy menstrual bleeding

    Pain during and/or after sexual intercourse (Dyspareunia)

  • Pain in the external genitalia. Neuropathic pain due to the entrapment of the pudendal nerve (Pudendal Neuralgia)

    Swelling of the vulva

  • Vulvar ulcers

    Pain during bowel movements

  • Urgency and pain during urination

    Urinary retention

  • Deep anal pain

    Varicose veins in the groin and external genitalia

  • Leg weakness

    Swollen legs

dolor pélvico