Help us improve the future
  • Individual fee: 50€ year. From July €25.
  • Family fee: 70€ year up to a maximum of 3 members. From July €35.
  • To begin our journey, we require each member to pay the first annual fee by bank transfer to the account number of AESCOV. This payment method will only be used in the annual fee for the year 2024.

  • From 2025 onwards, around the month of January every year, the payment will be made by direct debit to the account number of AESCOV that appears on the registration form.

  • This is a young association, which starts up with enthusiasm, so we kindly ask for your understanding regarding these initial arrangements.

We also want to remind that members who want to cancel their membership from AESCOV must notify us via email or using the contact us section before the last day of November.

To belong to AESCOV follow the steps indicated in the form.

We appreciate your cooperation